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Tree Removal

Trees can protect us from the elements, provide us with flowers and fruit and provide unlimited hours of activity and relaxation. However, like all living things, trees have a life expectancy and are susceptible to disease and decay. As they grow weak, they can become a hazard to your outdoor home and effect the safety of your living areas and health of nearby plants. From time to time it may be necessary to remove a tree from your landscape.

Removing a tree from your outdoor home may make sense when:

• It is dead or dying-hazardous
• It has become structurally unsound due to insects or disease
• It has a negative affect on other, more desirable plantings
• It may interfere with new construction
• It's root system is undermining other structures

The safe removal of trees frequently requires the use of special equipment such as aerial lifts and cranes. Maltby & Co. pioneered the use of both in the New England area during the early 1950’s.

Today, crane use is the industry standard to remove trees from difficult and hard to reach areas. Unlike other methods, cranes lift and lower heavy pieces to the ground with little or no impact to lawns, plantings or nearby structures. In most cases this eliminates the need to drive heavy trucks and equipment on lawns and planting beds. In every case our trained and experienced crews make sure to leave your property in nearly perfect condition.

Once the tree has been removed our arborists can remove the remaining stump by grinding it below grade. Stump grinding will allow you to reclaim the beauty and use of your outdoor home by planting lawn or possibly another tree for your family and friends to enjoy.

Whether you are seeking to preserve the aesthetic value of your outdoor home or simply trying to prevent trees from damaging structures and living areas, our professional staff is ready to address your tree removal needs. Our licensed and experienced crane operators and professional arborists will help you remove your trees safely and quickly without damaging your property. Maltby & Co., Inc. has been providing a full range of tree pruning, tree removal and general arbor care services throughout Eastern Massachusetts for over sixty years.

Call (800) 660-6572 or email us to schedule a no obligation site visit or evaluation by our qualified sales people today.

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